Aldi Bathroom Accessories and Torque Motorcycle Wears

aldi bathroom accessoriesTop story of this catalogues focused on the bathroom accessories and we got a new sale consisting of accessories and wears for riding motorcycle. For Aldi Bathroom accessories the catalogue depicts the offers on pg; 2-5. Check out the new price range for electrical devices and huge bathroom accessories range from this catalogue sale. Some of the offers you can see on those pages;
Dentitex teeth care products by Aldi, all you may need for the health of teeths.

* Dentitex Children’s Toothbrushes, 4pk, $1.99 pk
* Dentitex Family Toothbrushes Value 6pk, $3.99
* Dentitex Total Care Premium Dental Floss 100m, $3.99
* Dentitex Rechargeable Toothbrush, $14.99

Let’s go to bathroom offers featuring towels, holders, hampers, bath math and more. Alsosimply-bathroom accessories or personal care products are given on this sale as well. Simply bathroom is the main brand on this sale:
Simply Bathroom:
* Suction Bathroom Accessories, $4.99
* Cosmetic Or Jewellery Organiser, $9.99 ea
* Acrylic Bathroom Accessories, $12.99 ea
More offers for your bathroom outlook:
* Toilet Brush Holder, $12.99 ea
* Soap Dispenser, $7.99 ea
* Laundry Hamper, $29.99 ea
Oxford Square:
* Mosaic Cotton Bath Mat, $14.99 ea
* Hand Towel With Mosaic Border, $6.99

From Aldi every day range you can see fresh meat offers consisting of beef mince:
* Jindurra Station Beef Mince Bulk Pack, $4.79 per kg
Highland Park:
* Premium Beef Mince, 500g, $5.49 ea
* Lean Beef Mince, $8.99 per kg


torque-motorcycle-leather-jacketWithin this range you can see every type of accessories for your motorcycle and a safe drive. To get these offers for the lowest prices of Aldi Catalogue August you can click these links below. And if you like to see entire catalogue’s appearance with sales then you can click the images of the products. Check these out:
* Torque Motorcycle Leather Jacket, $99.99 ea
* Torque Motorcycle Kevlar Denim Jeans, $69.99 ea
* Torque Motorcycle Pant, $79.99 ea

Pants are certified with CE1621 which means they are knee and hip protectors. Torque is a respectable name on this area. It is sort of ones which you can really trust. And these prices can only be found at Aldi Stores.

Have a look at the helmets:
* Open Face Helmet, $49.99
* Men’s And Ladies Motorcycle Helmets With Graphics, $69.99 ea

We will continue with these offers. There are more accessories from Torque and more sales from Aldi. Go to catalogue page, see all the offers and follow us on Facebook.

One thought on “Aldi Bathroom Accessories and Torque Motorcycle Wears

  1. I bought 2 of the square white acrylic soap dispensers from The Simply Bathroom brand in August, 2013. I filled them with liquid soap 1 month ago and to my dismay, every time I utilise the dispenser, I get a brown discharge which is rust from the metal spout. I have tried cleaning the spout but the rust recollects within a day. I wonder whether I could get a refund or replacement as I bought 2 matching sets for my 2 bathrooms.
    I wonder whether different shaped simply bathroom soap dispenser spouts will be the same size of mine.
    I went to Aldi Mt Ommaney to mention it to the assistant manager but he said to contact Simply Bathrooms, or to get a reference number for a refund or exchange.
    I would appreciate your advice about what I should do and whether other customers have had the same problem.

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