Aldi Catalogue Special Buys 3rd – 6th April

Welcome to new Aldi Catalogue which is introducing us the new old men products to help them make life easier and individual needs for the daily life.aldi-special-buys-week-14-2013
General home needs and bathroom accessories are introduced on the online Aldi Catalogue where Folding Over Toilet Frame is available for $59.99 at the stores.
This week we are able to hear the television without having much difficulty because the Hearing Impaired TV Earphones will help us to make the problems solved.
1 year warranty and IR technology is included in the system of this device.
Gaining the sound by the human ears may be tired as the years are passing but this product will remove all kinds of problems about this issue, so there will be nothing to be worried about.
Moreover these are not the whole solutions a huge range about these kinds of area are available at online catalogue.
In bathroom, daily life, walking and watching or listening you can help them with such devices because they are produced aiming to help.
For the ladies Lacura Skin Science products like the one “Lacura age vitale and night care hand cream” for $1.99 is available for very mature skin.
Its anti aging effect will let you not worry about your skin and have a younger one.

Big Savings for baby range is a new range on the other hand with first pants xlarge jumbo boxes to give them a comfortable sleep helping them grow faster.
The comforts of such products in baby care are so important and it is hard to find the suitable prices but Aldi is offering Mamia super fit jumbo box for $17.99.
Let’s look what’s new at the Aldi Confectionery, there are confidence napkins, tasty cheese cubes, coat’s cheese, forresters salted pistachios, cachet gourmet and more tasty ones.
The prices are changing between $1.49 – $3.99 which can be considered suitable comparing others.
This week kids range, toys, savings, cleaning appliances, and of course fresh meat of the best ones, aldi expressi coffee products and red hot specials are available.
To see more browse the Aldi Onlie Catalogue

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  1. hi , in the winter catalogue you had snow clothing & accessories eg snow board bag just wondering if you have any snow board bags left.

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