ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 30 2013

In ALDI Special Buys Week 30, the noticiable things are beauty products.This catalogue will appeal to women especially.That beauty products are on sale and various.On page 1-5 you’ll see all beauty products;
Lacura Minerals Lipstick : $3,99
Ladies Lace Bra : $4,99
Lacura Minerals Volume and Waterproof Mascara : $6,99
Lacura Minerals Eyeshadow : $4,99
Lacura Face Creams : $9,99
Kids love to waste their energy and they need to sleep and comfortable sleeping is their right.You can see the sleeping suits on page 6-7.Also you’ll find toys on page 8-9 for kids.They are gonna learn somethings by playing and enjoying.
Handy tools make our life easy and ALDI always help us about that.All ALDI catalogues has simple machines.Here is some products like that;
Lumina Steam Iron with LCD : $49,99
Steam Press : $149
Steam Cleaner with Wheels : $79,99
Heavy Duty Flat Floor Mop : $14,99
If you wanna check-out for more simple machines go page 12-16.When you look at the other pages in ALDI Special Buys Week 30, this information may helps you;
Page 17: For Clean Up Materials(Chemicals)
Page 18-19 : For Mamia Baby Foods
Page 20-21 : For Beers
Page 22-24 : For Meats,Hot Dog

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ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 30 2013 jack n jill wooden egg memory game, jack n jill wooden london bus
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The available products on Catalogue are :

ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 30 2013
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  • Jack N Jill Wooden London Bus
  • Jack N Jill Wooden Egg Memory Game
  • Fairytale Puzzles 45pc
  • Interactive World Felt Map
  • Jack N Jill Wooden Calender
  • Jack N Jill Tubs Of Buttons, Reels, Magnetic Numbers Or Lettersthe end
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