ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 37 2013

Enjoy shopping !You can find anything what you need in Aldi. Aldi is waiting for you with surprising prices and lots of products.
Here is products which have qualified,useful and reasonably priced. Computers are technological products which are the most used in our lives. Get ready to meet your new friend !At the same time easily portable and convenient .Products that have lots of features are waiting for you with cool prices. Moreover, you can benefit from our anti virus programs for the security of your computer
Medion Akoya E6234 15.6’’ Notebook: $499 (500 gb hard drive,4 gb memory,Usb 3.0)
Graphics pad: $49.99
Kaspersky Pure 2.0 Anti Virus Software: $24.99
Lap Desks: $12.99
If you want to to know the technology, these smart phones just for you.We sure that this phone that will complete you. Communicating with people has never been so much fun ! Messaging will be more fun with your friends through this phone that is smart and android.There are digital cameras that have features like colourful display,USB charger,USB cable and picture editing software in Aldi.
5’’ Android 4.2 Smartphone: $299 (8 gb memory,8 mp camera,5’’ hd screen,3G capability)
20MB Digital Camera: $79.99 (3 year marranty)
SanDisk 32 GB SDHC Card: $24.99 (5 year marranty)
There are also kitchen utensils together them in Aldi. If you ready to be a chef in the kitchen,you should meet with Aldi’s kitchen utensils. You’re now the boss of cuisine with Aldi ! You’ll feel happier with new items.
100W Stand Mixer: $199
Bread Maker: $69.99
600W Blade Stick Mixer: $39.99
Digital Kitchen Scale: $14.99
Kids/Adult Chef Sets: $12.99
Here is budget,delicious and qualified products. You will find all the needs at arrange of food and drink.Moreover,lots of products are waiting for you to appear nice of your home. Plastic flowers and ornaments will add color and energy to your home.
Page 1-9;computers,digital cameras,cell phones,kitchen utensils
Page 10-;food and drinks
Page 12-17;push mower,blower,garden höse,table saw,pressure cleaner,electric mixer,
Page 18-19;flowers
Page 20-24;food(cheese,meal,sugar)

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ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 37 2013 will & jess silicone piping bag set, will & jess non-stick bakeware
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The available products on Catalogue are :

ALDI Catalogue - Special Buys Week 37 2013
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  • Will & Jess Non-Stick Bakeware
  • Will & Jess Silicone Piping Bag Set
  • Will & Jess Mini Baking Pan Sets
  • Will & Jess Metal Cookie Cutter Set 30pc
  • Crofton Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Will & Jess Novelty Kitchen Timers
  • Will & Jess Cooling Rack Baking Set 2pc
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