Aldi Power Tools From September Specials

Aldi Power ToolsAldi Power Tools; Workzone and Taurus

Browse the catalogue to find the pg; 14 with Jigsaw of Taurus with 1 year warranty. Built-in laser provides easy and accurate line cutting. Its speed without load is 0-3.000 rpm. Beside, 80mm wood, 10mm steel can be handled with this device by Aldi. Quick blade charge, adjustment for the electric speed, Aluminum base plate are other properties of the Taurus Jigsaw. Its price is $29.99 which you can see on pg; 14.

Another deal is Jigsaw blade set. The set of CV-steel and Bi-metal blades. These are produced by one of the most respectable names of this job; Workzone. It is German, and German has the profession of this D.I.Y. tools. You can purchase this set for $6.99 and see it on pg; 14.

I also should say that all of the products of pg; 14 are very fine and priced at very suitable rates. For this reason I am going to advertise all of them on this post:

The third product we will discuss is Table saw with power of 1700W. If you like to work at your house these devices are very suitable for easy carpentry. 24 and 48 teethed 250mm 2 saw blade will be given with this power tool. 0-72 mm stepless adjustment of height lets you work with lesser effort. So carelessness will be minimum under this condition.

5 thoughts on “Aldi Power Tools From September Specials

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase the Saw Blade for the Band Saw recently sold by Aldi. Ours broke and I cannot find one locally as we live in a country area.

  2. I too am looking for a replacement blade. We live in country Victoria and I can get one at the nearby hardware places! Did you get some clues as to where to get one? Thanks

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