Aldi Catalogue August Offers 2014

The exhibition online of Aldi Catalogue August offers that are focused to be bathroom Aldi Catalogue August Offers 2014accessories and essentials, kitchen wares, sports wear including leather jackets, gloves for safe and faster motorbiking. We can roughly mention all the product ranges that are available to see on this catalogue. Let’s talk about and enlist some of the offers that seem to be really interesting for most of the visitors of our site.
In fact you would never know what comes with Aldi but this is said to be for time period at which any particular aisle of products. Offers of clothings and accessories for bikers are among what my predictions are.


As usual a supermarket tries to meet any needs of your bathroom with offers of modern bathroom accessories like towels, soap dispensers in colorful and shiny looks, bins available in variety of colors again. The most important property of these products is that of being very stable looking. They seem to be very clean with very nice designs. Even you don’t clean them for one month they can seem to be clean but of course they are not.
* Face washer towel, $6.99
* Bath sheet, $14.99
* Terry bath mat, $4.99
* Hand towel, $3.99
* Simply bathroom soap dispenser, $7.99
* Toilet bathroom toilet brush holder, $14.99
* Laundry hamper, $29.99
You can find further ranges about bathroom on next two pages as well.


Aldi Catalogue Leather Jacket August 2014Another regular kitchen wares and modern appliances range from the Aldi Special Buys on 06 AUGUST 2014. On this date you can avail these prices of enlisted products:
* Stirling 20 L microwave oven, $79.99
* Kuchef 3 in 1 slow cooker, $59.99
* Kuchef glass kettle, $34.99
* Belle Amara cutlery set, 56 pce, $49.99


Basics to set up a cinema room in your house are available on pg; 8-9 of the last Aldi Catalogue. Prices that are rarely met in this kind of catalogues can be reached with this particular range. In the weekend I recommend you to see these in any Aldi Store.
* Bauhn 23.6″ full HD LED LCD TV with built-in, $199
* Bauhn Swing Arm TV mount bracket or dvd shelf to mount on wall, $29.99
Also see new surrounding system offers on the same page.


High quality products of Torque of motorcycle wearings like leather jackets, helmets, gloves have been contained in this catalogue. These are products that are confirmed by scientists to be really durable. These offers are at really nice price range that you can only find at Aldi.
* Torque men’s, ladies’ leather jacket, $129
* Rain jacket, $29.99
* Torque motorcycle midlayer top or bottom, $24.99
* Carbon knuckle leather motorcycle gloves, $29.99
* Maginon Action video camera, $49.99

Aldi Catalogue Bedroom Offers July 2014

Aldi has a new bedroom offers section on the catalogue recently published. These offers Aldi Catalogue Bedroom Offers July 2014are available to see on this post if you click on the image of the first page of the catalogue or instead you can choose one of the offers’ link to reach the specific page at which that corresponding offer can be seen. Bedroom accessories and decorative products are generally consisting of quilts, sheet sets, cotton pillow cases, cushions and pillows, and also Aldi enlarged this range to outdoor furnitures like special offers to this week on pg; 4&5.


Notice that these products are available at only one instance so Aldi is not regularly retailing these products but I am sure that this kind range will come again. Not sure if the prices are going to be same but in general I can see bedroom offers and outdoor furnitures from Aldi Catalogue.
* Oxford square Jacquard quilt cover set, $39.99
* Kirkton House 500 thread count fitted, sheet set, $59.99
* Kirkton House quilted coverlet set, $69.99
* Cushion Assortment Kirkton House, $12.9 9


Bed and artificial plants like offers are present on the pg; 4-5 can be your guidance for discovering new offers and renewing your furnitures at outside area.
* Water hyacinth planter, $24.99
* Gardenline timber day bed, $199
* Gardenline lucky bamboo , 100 mm, $7.99

Aldi Catalogue Special Buys July Last Week 2014

Integrating variety of products Aldi Catalogue has a special work here and very nice design Aldi Catalogue Special Buys July Last Week 2014of the product exhibitions with the modern understanding of presenting fresh food and general needs of yours like clothings, kids’ entertainments products, home wares and home appliances like washing machine.
Toy range is another pretty nice offers by this new Aldi Catalogue and it lets you discover beautiful products priced at may be lowest possible values. I would describe the job of Aldi doing this when I am in this kind of shopping. Disney toys and some truck toys are appearing at first instance when you join this shopping of Aldi:
* Stunt crashers, $9.99
* Kre-O tub, $14.99
* Aldi truck, $9.99
* Disney princess dolls, $12.99
* Backyard heroes pop up tent, $18.99
* Gift wrap, 5 cm, $1.99


Since I mentioned toy sale previously on another posts I would like to introduce you another interesting product range of what is appearing generally on these weekly Aldi Catalogues. These are very high quality brands of the home appliances. As an example I would take Stirling 9 kg load washing machine priced at $399 and present on the pg; 10.This will let you do laundries as much easily as it takes:
And also find furniture offers for laundry room or the products that would be suitable in your bathroom as well:
* Sohl furniture storage overhead unit, $59.99
* Sohl furniture storage base unit, $79.99
* Trimay laundry bag, 2 pk, $3.49
* Washing machine base unit, $49.99

Aldi Vivid Mini Hi Fi System

Aldi July Catalogue offers living room accessories and furnitures that will change the Aldi Living Room Furniturescomplete space into a very nice and entertaining place. In these days may be you will need these type of products like hi-fi system. Aldi has got many more products on the pg; 12-13. If you have a look at it you may see lighting items, chairs, sofas, rug, table and similar sort of offers.


Sofa, chair, componibili and similar sort of furnitures are entitled as living room furnitures range on the last Aldi Catalogue.
* Sohl replica 3 round componibili, $39.99
* Barcelona chair, $199
* Replica AJ lamp, $49
* Casa life by lightway vintage bulb or cord, $5.99
* Sohl Replica ghost chair, stool, $49.99

This catalogue does not only feature living room range but also you can find bedroom accessories and furnitures like quilts, beds and similar sort of offers. Availability is not limited to the products exhibited on these pages. Of course you can visit the store and see the pretty nice offers yourself.


Among nicest offers of Aldi Catalogue July there is also kids clothings for winter. Long sleeve, t-shirts, shirts for boy and girl, shoes and more. Price range doesn’t seem to be bad. I believe that these are standards but they can compete with luxury offers.
* Boy suede trainers, $14.99
* Girls pump flats, $14.99
* Children’s shirt set, $14.99