Aldi Catalogue Christmas 2014 Special Buys

New sale can be one of your favorite alternative to save more. Aldi Catalogue Christmas Aldi Catalogue Christmas Special Buysspecial buys comprise of toys, electronics and gifts mostly. Besides you will find the best work on chocolate selection and I can say that Aldi became an expert on this job. They select the best European products of these confectionery and chocolates. You are able to reach this catalogue range on the display page. It is fast and easy to turn the pages.


* Toffifee, 200g, $3.99
Classic taste of hazelnut chocolate filling inside caramel. Save with this one.
* Dairy Fine Milk chocolate novelties, $1.29
Impressive price on this product can be your reason to check this catalogue out.
* Marzipan rounds, $4.99
Another beautiful chocolate variety for this Christmas celebration. It works perfectly as a treat.
* 12 days of Chocolate, $7.99 pk
Chocolate boxes of the chocolates flavored with fruits. Another special of Christmas range of Aldi.


* Lacura Caviar gift set, $29.99
Gift set is a very clever option and they are priced lower usually than a single piece of offer.
* Serra womens fashion sunglasses, $9.99
* Visage hair dryer, straightener, $17.99
Plus you will get curler with these. High performance with 2200 W power. It is very durable against heat so that you can use it for years.
Also Check out Aldi Electronic gifts featured on pg; 14-17.

Aldi Christmas Electronic Gift Ideas

Today you can shop for Aldi Christmas Electronic gift offers in store or online. There is a Aldi Christmas Electronic Gift Ideasspecial price range for Christmas range that you can find easily on pg; 16. Classic options like tablet pc, smart phones, USB sticks, and additional accessory products like covers for your phone might be your alternatives within. Moreover there is no offer above $100 on this section. This means very profitable shopping, I guess because I also reviewed other catalogues about electronic gift products and I can say this is one of the lowest price range. But on the other hand if you really want to have a look at an electronic sale you need to go to a place like Myer or Harvey Norman. Aldi only advertises the weekly specials that you can find only on today with these prices.


* Onix 10.1″ dual core tablet, 16 GB, $99.99
A tablet that can meet your needs of online shopping, gaming, writing down etc.
* Maginon USB stick 32 GB, $14.99
Simple solution for your storage problem. Easy to use and durable product.
* Dual sim smartphone of Onix, $99.99
Alternative technology for today’s needs. Not everyone is using only one account.
* Bauhn mobile phone accessories, $11.99
Just take a look at this one on pg; 17.

Aldi Special Christmas Sweet Deals December 2014

European style of sweet treats are available within Aldi’s Christmas catalogues published Aldi Special Christmas Sweet Deals December 2014in previous week and this week. Aldi Special Christmas sweet deals are ready for you. And Deli products were featured on this new catalogue. Additionally you can find Christmas guide on the main page. Sweet chocolate variety and Christmas gift collection can be found within this extend.


Very good looking deli products exhibited on the first section of the catalogue range will be your favorite. Best prices for the amazing food products are available on this part. Take a look at the offers that you can use the ideas there for this Christmas.
* Mersey Valley club cheddar cheese, 235g, $4.99
* Pretzel Tray, 250g, $2.49
* San Daniele Tray, 70g, $5.99


Aldi usually offers chocolate products like puddings, cakes in the Christmas times. You can see a nice example of this kind of Aldi sale on pg; 4-7. There is chocolate bomb, Aussie local foods, European style of chocolate products that you can find easily on the viewing page.
* Betty Crocker mini tart mix, $3.99
* Unibic sponge finger, 750g, $5.99
* Choceur Christmas chocolate figurines, 250g, $4.99


Various figures, illustrations of cultural theme of the Christmas feast can be another from this catalogue. This can be your start to collect figures for the Christmas decoration. Also they will add a peaceful color in your room. Don’t miss out new deals.


Find out tablet PC and smart phones that are preferred by Aldi to be reduced ones among all products. Christmas will be easier this year to choose the correct gift because Aldi works a lot on it.

Aldi Christmas Special Buys

On Wednesday and On Saturday you can get a lot savings with using this Aldi Catalogue Aldi Christmas Special Buysprepared for the Christmas. Aldi Christmas special buys cover a range of gifts, chocolate and sweet gifts, Christmas decoration, special deals like Aldi Expressi, outdoor patio furniture and BBQ variety, and special Deli products featuring the content introducing the meat products priced at lower values. You can visit all of them by viewing the latest special buys catalogue of Aldi.


You can complete working on the set of your home. Also you can use Aldi’s Christmas guide to choose your favorite European chocolate box. Moreover Aldi offers best price range for this home decor and accessory selection which is sale on Wednesday.
* Visit first this product range to see table decoration as well.
Also gift wrapping products are featured.


New toy sale is available with new prices. Check out the toy sale pages of the last catalogue to see special buys of popular toy brands.
* Girls or Boys Mystery toy boxes, $16.99
* Frozen Toddler dolls, 2 pk, $49.99
* Freestyle BMX bike, $99.99
* Trash Pack Junkyard play set, $14.99


Your favorite coffee capsules and the best machine to make the most delicious drinks. Check out the last price rang for Aldi Expressi and Expressi selection Box of chocolates.