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Woolworths Fresh Food Catalogue and Big Deals

Woolworths Fresh Food Catalogeu and Family Range

From soft drink varieties to fresh meat products Woolworths fresh food catalogue provides woolworths fresh food cataloguehalf-priced wide range and cheap variety for Australian people ! First two pages include no specific range but they got big deals on combined product range. A good example from pg; 3 is Fantastic Rice crackers with its price; $0.99. Another deal on the page is Pantene Shampoo or conditioner which are 750mL and suitable for regular hair type. Woolworth price for these two products (you choose one of them) is $7.49 for each one.
Page; 2 includes this range:
* Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta or Lift Can varieties, 24x375mL, any 2 for $33
* Red rock deli potato or corn chips, 2 for $6
* Arnott’s shapes soundz, 165g, $2 ea
* Arnott’s assorted creams, family assorted, $3 ea
* Pringles 165g, $2.50

Extra specials on pg; 8 are sale with White Wings and Gouldburn Valley diced two fruits.woolworths sirena tuna You can check their values visiting this page. We can give another example of Sirena Tuna which is 185g and you can purchase 2 of them for $5.50. Other fish variety is Greenseas tuna and it is 95g with the price of $1 for each.
Other extra specials and products on pg; 11:
* Sargents party pack, 1.2 kg or Ho Mai spring roll, 1kg, $8 ea
* Weight Watches Tuna Bake or chicken meal, any 2 for $8
* Woolworths select frozen chicken breast tenders 400g, or Garlic Kiev, 2 for $8
* Jamie Oliver fish cakes, pk 2-4, $3.50 ea


Danone and Greek Yogurt varieties are given on pg; 13. Danona activa yogurt and pouring yoghurt are available 2 for $6. And the price of Charlie’s quencher is only $3.99 ea. Extra specials of Woolworths are also included by this page you can see them on the catalogue page.
* Greek Yoghurt low fat, $4.79
* Lurpak spreadable, 250g, $3.50 ea
* Western Star spreadable, 500g, $4 ea

Woolworths Weekly Specials September First Week

Woolworths Weekly Specials Grocery and Fresh Food

2 pages with high quality fresh meat, groceries, fruits and a coffee machine by Caffitaly woolworths weekly specials(S14). Big deals for Father’s Day by Woolworths include these two paged catalogue deals too. Not a specific product range are given by this small catalogue, instead a combined list of products are available.
These are weekly specials, so you can see this variety of products as updated. These deals provide the lowest prices possible on the corresponding sale of the week. An example for these low prices is the one of the Australian beef regular mince min (priced at $4.90 per kg). The value of this fresh meat product was $5.99 per kg.

Other popular product from this catalogue is Australian strawberries (until sunday) whose value is $3 for 3 packs (250g). You like to purchase single pack, then the price is $1.78 by Woolworths.
More deals by first page:woolworths father's day gift
* Flame grapes, seedles (USA), $4.98
* Australian sundowner apples, $1.98
* Australian corn cobbettes, 425g, $3.50
* Pullapart varieties, 364g- 441g, $3 ea
* Hans middle bacon rind on, 1 kg, $7.99 ea
Caffitaly coffee capsule machine is from Father’s day gift range of Woolworths and priced at $49. This value was reduced by $50.
From page; 2:
* MSA Australian Beef porterhouse steak, $17.99
* Cadbury favourites, 600g, $9.50
* Iron Man 3 DVD, $19 ea
* Extra large Australian green king prawns, $22.99 per kg

That is the whole product list by Woolworths Weekly Specials.


Woolworths Catalogue Online for 28 August 2013

Woolworths Catalogue Online With Fresh Meat Products

woolworths father's day catalogueFirst pages of the new catalogue includes a good selection of fresh meat products of Woolworths. These are healthy and delicious Aussie meat which are produced by Aussie farmers. Besides Woolworths has a good section of sea foods like Fresh pacific oysters / sale for $13.98 dozen. Every day value of Australian Beef (T-Bone steak) is $18 per kg. MSA Australian lamb butterflied shoulder varieties are other sales from page; 9. The price of Woolworths for this product is $15.99 per kg.
Seafood and Fresh meat selection of Woolworths:

* Shortcut bacon rashers, from Deli, $10.98woolworths gifts for dad
* Golden crumpet breaks, $2 ea
* Field fresh free range eggs, 500g, 10 pack, $3.50 ea
* Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic sliced smoked salmon, $37.98 per kg.
* Queen pure maple syrup, 250mL, $7 ea
* Connoisseur gourmet ice cream, $7 ea
* White wings pancake shake, half price, $1.59
Pg; 9:
* Woolworths prepacked salad, 2 for $7
* Father’s day chocolate midi cake, $7 ea
* Extra large cooked Aussie tiger prawns, $26.99 kg

With this Woolworths’ fresh meat and seafood selection you can prepare a good gift for dad.
Let’s talk about some popular products on the cover. One of these is Caffitaly coffeewoolworths fresh meat and seafood machine whose value is $49. The machine was $100 at Woolworths but currently it is reduced special for Father’s Day. Another example from the first page of Woolworths catalogue is Aussie lamb leg is specially reduced for Father’s Day. $10 off on this product is waiting for the whole family.

Other sales: Beverages of Coca-Cola on pg; 2.
Snacks and coffee on pg; 3.
Half priced special products like Palmolive shampoo. ON PG; 4.
Lowest prices of every day values: PG; 5.