Gardenline Petrol Lawn Edger: Aldi Garden Care Products

Gardenline Petrol Lawn Edger

We couldn’t express the entire product range of this catalogue but some of the important gardenline petrol lawn edgerdeals and product ranges are our main topics with this post. Popular power and hand tools for garden care by Gardenline are included by this Aldi catalogue in September 2013. Cordless blower, which is preferred by majority of the gardeners, is available for only $69.99 on pg; 12 and you can check it on the catalogue page.
* Synthetic turf, $49.99 ea
* Push mower, cutting width: 400mm, $49.99
* Petrol lawn edger, 97cc, $169

That’s the Gardenline products by Aldi prices. Next page we got hand tools for practical and fast process in garden. Also accessories sale is available online. Aldi provided a beautiful product range with lowest possible prices this week. 14 September is a good day to shop with these products:
* Retractable Garden Hose 20m, $69.99
* Self Watering Planters, $9.99
* Olive Tree, $14.99
* Oscillating Sprinkler, $8.99
* Telescopic Tree Pruner, $24.99
* Lawn Food 10kg, $9.99
* Weed & Feed 2L, $7.99
* Seaweed Concentrate 2L, $9.99

These products and prices of the catalogue are valid until stocks are finished. In such case you might not find these prices or these products. However, at the moment, Aldi Online helps you to find you exact matching needs from supermarket.

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