Taurus Titanium and Work Tools by Aldi Special Weeks 42

Popular Taurus Titanium power tools and accessories are exhibited on pg; 15. The top taurus titaniumbrands are Taurus, MXT, Work Zone, Gardenline and other similar brands. The good thing is that some of these prices are reduced by half. Entire product range is priced at suitable values and most of them are warrantied. From cordless screwdriver to wood drill bit sets you will have several pages with this category.
Our common idea with readers is that Aldi is a really fine place to find such hardwares and power tools. Customers prefer this retailer when they want to pay less for a popularly used brand. Instead of visiting a simple DIY store you can check out the Aldi’s power tools aisle.
These are Taurus Titanium products on pg; 15:
* Taurus 2200W Sliding Mitre Saw With Laser, $169
* Taurus Cordless Li-Ion Drill 18V, $99.99
* Mitre Saw Stand, $79.99
* Taurus Cordless Screwdriver, $19.99
Next page is a bit more interesting with accessory items of MXT and Work Zone. Tools that are specially produced for specific areas are taken on this page. They are very durable as much as they are useful. If your intention is to get a helpful informations about useful gadgets you are recommended visit pg; 16:
* Inspection Camera, $89.99
* Taurus Reciprocating Saw With Blades 710W, $49.99
* Hobby Or Utility Knives Sets, $14.99
* MXT Heavy Duty iPad Or iPhone 4/4S/5 Cases, $14.99
* Tradesman Radio, $69.99
* Wood Drill Bit Set, $6.99

37 thoughts on “Taurus Titanium and Work Tools by Aldi Special Weeks 42

  1. I have recently purchased an Taurus Titanium air nail gun. I need to buy nails for this gun. Although the local hardware stores have nails to suit 16g C100 Bradders, they will not fit the Taurus.
    Please advise as to where I can purchase these nails.
    Hardware places tried;- Bunnings and Masters.


  2. Hi, I brought a Taurus – TTA 1422 3″ (76mm) air cut off tool some time ago (18/24 months) ago and have run out of cutting disc’s, can you point me in the right direction to obtain more. I live in the southern subs of Melbourne.


  3. I purchased a Tarus Titaium sliding mitre saw with laser from Aldi 9 months ago. The perspex guard smashed/shattered and I would like to purchase a new replacement part if available. Does anybody have any suggestions re replacement parts for the guard. I live in Sanctuary Point, Shoalhaven area NSW.

  4. I bought a 10.8V cordless lithium-ion multi function tool ,tool model TTA-1920 and am looking to purchase a replacement battery. Newcastle NSW


  5. I Purchased a 12v cordless drill for cristmas
    aldi and it came with 2 batteries. But
    One of the metal termanals broke off
    One of the batteries so it is no good if
    I take it back ill get my money but i
    would rather buy another battery because
    the drill is awsome does anyone no were i
    can buy a battery.

  6. hi,
    purchased taurus multifunction tool from aldi.want to know,if any extension cord attachment is produced by company,by which,we can grind inner small surfaces,saw or do etching on glass
    like twist-a saw tool?

  7. Hi , I have a taurus Hand sander and the drive belt has broken (NOT the sanding belt) You dont appear to return calls and you also DONT answer calls . Great back up for what appears the ellectric tools purchased from Aldi are only throw away.

  8. Tried twice to get a call back but no return calls. Tried ringing again on 1300 number which is not being answered now.
    I have purchased a gas Soldering torch kit which worked once then flared up and now will not work. I have the receipt.

    • your saw came with two allen keys. one to undo the scew holding the guard in place, undo that screw and lift the guard and you can get at the centre screw with the other allen key (the bigger one) this has a lefthand thread undo this. swap blades and do it up again fairly tight so the saw won;t spin loose as it brakes when you let the trigger go.
      cheers hope this helps PK

  9. Lost the charger for the taurus screw driver what voltage charger do I need to power up the driver
    hank you

  10. Both batteries on my Taurus 18 volt Titanium Work Tools kit are stuffed.

    Is there any where I can buy replacements or get them repacked? Tools are great and in great condition but like all batteries these have died.


  11. Ive got a taurus titanium 850 w planer. The drive belt broke. Tried everywhere but appears to be a weird size. Any suggestions.

  12. Hi I bought a taurus titanium 10.8 v cordless lithium multi -function tool
    Model number TTA-19201 and I am trying to buy a spare battery for it .
    Does any one know where you can purchase spare battery’s for taurus tools. I have contacted the 1300 number and contacted them via e mail but no reply.

  13. One of my batteries has died from my Taurus impact drill. Where can I get another or are their other brand that fit/work on the Taurus.

    Thanks Anthony

  14. Looking at the ALDI Workzone Titlnium twin blade saw (with twin 90mm blades). Question, from where can replacement blades be sourced?

  15. Cant find how the retraction levers fit to activate saw blade retraction guard. Can someone show me by pictures how the activation straps attach to the saw frame please???

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