Work Zone Power Tools by Aldi Special Week 31

taurus metal cut off sawWe are focused on TOOLS ! By Aldi special week 31, you get a very helpful range including Work Zone Power Tools. Also check out the Taurus power tools on pg; 14. We are getting closer to details of these offers. See their usage area and prices. You can also browse the entire catalogue clicking the images.
Before power tools I like to introduce a great offer on this page. Professional tool trolley, an essential, made from cold rolled steel and has a very simple use. With 150kg capacity it is a perfect trolley. Its own weight is 54kg. It is under warranty for 3 years by Aldi.

See its price on pg; 14:
* Work Zone Professional Tool Trolley, $249 ea.
Click the item and see details about its sizes, too.

Let’s pass to Taurus power tools range featuring drill press and metal cut off saw. You willwork zone power tools see the difference when you use them. They are worth to see instore as well.
Metal cut off saw has 2 saw blades providing very easy cutting.
Drill press with 500W power let us drill with 50mm depth and drill table has totally 90 degree angle. (-45, +45).
The prices:
* Taurus Metal Cut Off Saw 2200W, $129 ea
– 3.800 rpm idle speed.
– Cutting disc size: 355 x 25.4 x 3.2 mm.
– Thermal overload protection.
– Pivot the machine with 0-45 degree angle.
* Taurus Drill Press 500W, $99.99 ea
– 9 step spindle speed, 280-2.350 rpm.
– Diameter: 3-16 mm.
– Depth: 50mm
– Adjustable height of table.

Within Work Zone offers we got Angle grinder stand and Angle grinder. Also anotherwork zone power board Trolley for storage boxes and bulkier stuff. And cordless electric glue gun. Some of the products are under warranty for 1-3 years and they are indicated on the pages.
Let’s have a look at the prices:
* Work Zone Professional Power Board 6 Outlet, $59.99
– 10 amp outlets.
– 3 USB ports.
* Angle Grinder Stand, $16.99 ea
– Safe cutting.
– Disc size of 115 mm and 125 mm grinders are suitable.
* Angle Grinder, 1150W, $24.99 ea
– 125 mm diameter of disc.
– You can mount side handle in 3 positions.
– 3.00 – 11.00 rpm speed.
* Cordless Electric Glue Gun, $12.99 ea
– 15 – 20 g/min flowing glue.
– 11mm glue stick diameter.

12 thoughts on “Work Zone Power Tools by Aldi Special Week 31

  1. I bought the 24 volt cordless drill a couple of years ago. Whilst the drill is fine, the battery charger seems to have died. Certainly, it will not charge the battery. Can a replacement charger be purchased/Obtained?
    Thank you.

  2. I bought a 125 mm Angle grinder and a couple of sets of discs to suit ,while the Angle Grinder is GREAT the cutting discs are second rate and wear out quicker than the metal you are trying to cut ,they may be cheaper but don’t last or cut as well as the dearer ones.

  3. Hi brought a workzone phone from aldi lost the charger any idea what chargers work with this phone without having to buy another

  4. Does ANYBODY answer these requests ? I need the battery for the Aldi-purchased Workzone replaced… probably both of them now… but cannot get answers

  5. Looking for a extra 12 volt battery for my drill driver for my 12 volt cordless screw gun cannot find it anywhere for workzone help please

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