Workzone Tool Kits and Aldi Taurus Tools From June Catalogue

As much as toy sale of Aldi, we can see very good products of household range for reduced values. Like Aldi Taurus Tools range in this catalogue.aldi taurus tools
Cordless circular saw with 18v power and Work Bench of WorkZone are available at pg; 14. Reduced prices of these items can make us think about purchasing them. Aldi digital catalogues generally include this kind of sales here. This one is one of them with such offers;

* Ecomat Heavy Duty Mat, $29.99
* WorkZone work bench, price is $79.99.
* Taurus Biscuit Joiner, $49.99 (1 YEAR WARRANTY)
* Router Table, $59.99 (Taurus)
* WorkZone Router Bit Set, $14.99
* Electric Planer 850W, $49.99
* Ecomat Heavy Duty Door Mat, $9.99.

See detailed informations and other properties of these devices at pg; 15.

At pg; 16, more products of WorkZone are available;

* Solar Shed Light, $14.99
* Socket Bit Set, 47 piece, $24.99
* Mitre Box&Saw set, $14.99.
* Ratchet Spanner Set Spc, $19.99
* Screwdriver set is only sale for $6.99 at Aldi.

See Pg; 16. For these offers. You can browse the catalogue’s latter pages for more ranges.

9 thoughts on “Workzone Tool Kits and Aldi Taurus Tools From June Catalogue

  1. Please! Where can i buy Taurus Air Nail Gun? I bought your Router table, Product No. 41625; Mdel
    EC-Rt-01 thinking my router would fit. Where can i buy your Taurus Router, as it would fit without
    major re-design. I also need to know what the small tightening bracket is for. 70 x 55 x 10 mm flat steel
    with tightening bolt yellow handle.

  2. Assortment Box (36156) im after 10 boxes. Horsham Store was getting them in for me then the store they were getting them from sold them without letting them know.
    Please can u let me know if there is any available

    • We can’t be sure at the moment since offer is not valid.

      You can check out the official website of Aldi.

  3. Purchased Workzone Screw Remover Set but all 5 pieces appear to only apply to Phillips and Pozi screws even though the pamphlet appears to apply to all screws. Is there another set for slotted screws?

  4. Your last catalogue had led headlight for handymen. I was wondering if Aldi would be doing a re-run
    on this item. I was to slow and missed out.

  5. Is the 100 pce Workzone multi tool kit still available. Contains small ratchet handle with couple of sockets and many varied screw attachments

  6. all you home handy men wanna bee’s need to buy yourselves some proper tools, this crap will last 2 weeks and you wont be impressing any ladies with broken tools.

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