Coles Easter Specials Catalogue valid from 30 Mar 2020

Have you seen the new Coles Easter Specials Catalogue valid from 30 Mar 2020? Don’t miss these amazing discounts!

This week’s Coles Catalogue is rich in cheap groceries. For example, you can find discounted cheddar cheese and various kinds of soft drinks. Also, they sell cream cheese, pretzels, chocolate bars, and cereal. Moreover, you can buy whole grain flakes and ice-cream. They offer Nescafe coffee, sparkling water, tonic water, and potato chips. You can find breakfast biscuits and ground coffee too.

When it comes to household supplies, don’t miss the chance to buy carpet cleaning powder and liquid, as well as deodorizers. They also sell carpet brush cleaners. You can find air fresheners and dishwashing liquids. This Coles Weekly Catalogue includes liquid laundry detergents and Bref toilet cleaners. You can buy liquid laundry detergents for black clothes and toilet gels. They also sell pet stain and odor removers. You can find appliance descaler products too.

One of their special products offered this week at an excellent discount is Voltaren Emulgel. You can buy this muscle and back pain relief product at only $18.00.

Finally, don’t forget to visit this website every week if you want to see other catalogues similar to this Coles Easter Specials Catalogue.


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