Crofton Cookware Prices by Aldi Special Buys Week 41

Kitchen ware items of Aldi provide you one of the very best systems of the brands. With Crofton Cookware Pricesthese cookware and appliances you can cook like a chef. Modern looking of them create a simple way of decorating in your kitchen. Lumina 3 in 1 slow cooker (3 sizes in 1) is priced at $49.99. It is easy to store and 3 year warranty by Lumina is available. Aldi Catalogue pg; 4 includes these deals:
* Crofton cast iron dutch oven, 4L, $19.99
– May heat sources can be used with it.
– 3 layer enamel coating.
* Crofton stock pot, 10.5L, $19.99
– Stainless steel.
– Encapsulated 3 mm base superior heat distribution.
* Crofton stainless steel cookware set, 3 pc, $29.99
– 3.5L Dutch Oven with glass lids.
– Handle it easily.
– 1.8L saucepan.
– 26cm Frypan.
* Crofton anti splash lid, $4.99
* 24 cm frypan with glass lid, $19.99
– Aluminium frypan.
– 3 layer.
– non-stick.
This is the simplest way to collect a kitchen ware essential list. Don’t spend a fortune on such type of kitchen smart cookware range. Aldi got a very remarkable products on pg; 4-5. We are browsing one of the rare collection by these two pages. You can also find cookbooks and accessories on pg; 5. Most of the products are warrantied and Crofton is the major brand appearing on the catalogue:
* Stirling 30 L convection microwave with grill, $169.00
* Crofton spice rack set 17pc, $19.99
* Crofton rubberwood chopping block, $19.99
* Lumina double ceramic hotplate, $37.99
* Glass baking dish, $7.99
* Lantern cookery classics, $9.99


9 thoughts on “Crofton Cookware Prices by Aldi Special Buys Week 41”

  1. Danuta says:

    Hello, I am enquiring about the Crofton 10.5ltr stock pot which was on sale in week 41-was available on October 9-are any of these stock pots still available? If by some sheer stroke of luck there is one (1) available could I please have it sent to the Greenhills store at East Maitland or Rutherford store. Many thanks and regards Danuta

    1. Discount AU Editor says:

      We are not able to do this but you can contact with

  2. joshy says:

    we are looking for nonstick frying pans with glass lid, we are at Annerley, which is the nearest store of Aldi available for frying pans

  3. Maria Simpson says:

    Hello I am chasing a crofton teriyaki hot plate that you had on sale mid year sometime.
    I have checked several of our local stores but with no luck. Am told they may come on sale again. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if there are any available or when they will come on sale again.I live at Camira 4300 Qld.
    Maria Simpson

  4. betty obert says:

    Looking for a 12″ griddle. Also do your lids have a hole in it?

  5. Janice Buchter says:

    I purchased the clear acrylic chairs a little while ago from Aldi, would like to buy some of the matching clear acrylic stools. Any idea where I may find them?

  6. Catherine Smith says:

    I bought a green croft cast iron casserole. Can you advise me if this can be used on the hob. Thanks

  7. Lorraine Gierck says:

    Who wrote this atrocious web page? It does NOT make sense! I’m all for multi culturalism, but the language you choose to use must be correct and understandable. This is NOT. It leaves me thinking that it’s totally BOGUS. I don’t understand how companies like ALDI, Woolworths, Myer and Harvey Norman would allow a website like this to be available with their names attached to it. It puts DOUBT in the readers’ minds as to the veracity of the products. For instance, your first paragraph includes: “Modern looking of them create a simple way of decorating in your kitchen.” What does this mean? I want to know about the products’ effectiveness for cooking. I strongly suggest you get someone who can write properly to populate your website. This is disgusting.

  8. Caryn Hearsch says:

    Hi I am also looking for the Asia Specialities Teppanyaki grill plate, i purchased two late last year and recommended them to so many and have even given mine to family. Can you please advise whether I can purchase some more direct from crofton or asia specialities i would be most appreciative. thanking you

    Caryn Hearsch
    Hoppes Crossing Victoria

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