Harvey Norman Catalogue

There may be meaningless confusions about the products for the special areas but the catalogues of Harvey Norman has no place for the nonsense habits of ordinary stores.


Save Money on Bedding with New Harvey Norman Catalogue for September

New bedding discounts started at Harvey Norman. The new Harvey Norman Catalogue brings you amazing deals.

harvey norman catalogue bedding sep 2019

First of all, you can buy inexpensive mattresses. Secondly, they have special discounts during September. Namely, the Harvey Norman Weekly Catalogue is rich in super firm, firm, and medium mattress deals. As a result, you can pick your perfect product and save money!

Moreover, they offer the revolutionary reflex technology. Also, you can buy queen mattresses on a discount. Buy a mattress for your master bedroom and enjoy your sleep! Save money and improve your health with Harvey Norman bedding deals.

Finally, they offer memory foam mattresses. They are made in Australia. Also, they have body balance mattresses. Those will help restore your posture. Also, if you experience body pain, these products should be helpful. In addition, Harvey Norman bedding offers special deal during September. If you buy body balance mattress, you get a gift. You will get a sleep tracker for free. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. All offers are valid until the end of September. Visit the nearest Harvey Norman and get your mattress.

Save More with Harvey Norman Catalogue 6 – 22 Sep 2019

Harvey Norman Catalogue is now published and is valid until September 22nd. Check their current offer below.

harvey norman catalogue 6 22 sep 2019

First of all, you can find inexpensive floorcare solutions. Namely, they offer affordable cordless vacuum cleaners. Also, you can buy cheap sweepers. Moreover, they have stick vacuums. You can buy models by famous brands. These products are on a discount until September 22nd.

In addition, Harvey Norman Weekly Catalogue offers exclusive allergy cleaners. Also, they have pet vacuums. You can find affordable devices with amazing warranties. Moreover, these products are on sale. Don’t miss these superb deals.

Most noteworthy, Harvey Norman offers air treatment solutions. You can find amazing devices on a budget. First of all, you can buy air purifiers. Secondly, they have quality air humidifiers on a discount. In addition, you can find fans and steam cleaners. These items are on sale as well. Also, they have hard floor cleaners by famous brands.

Finally, you can buy inexpensive carpet cleaners. Similarly, they offer robotic vacuum cleaners at low prices. You can also find machines with total cleaning package. These models are on a discount too. All offers are valid until September 22nd. Don’t miss these amazing deals!

Harvey Norman Christmas Catalogue Gifts 2013

All aisles of Harvey Norman electronics products are collected by this new gift catalogue Harvey Norman Christmas Catalogue Gifts 2013specially released for new Christmas 2013. To take a look at this, you may choose your aisle and select the page to go to see the products and their prices. Harvey Norman Catalogue this week provided laptops, tablet pc, mobile phones, accessories, toy sale, smart phones, electronic watches, digital and underwater cameras, computer hardwares and accessory, Apple’s products, LG and Samsung branded products, home entertainment electronics like surrounding systems to improve your joy of movie entertainment in home and many more details of the products being exhibited by this catalogue here. Check out the gift range with this sort of home entertainments being exhibited on pg; 34- 40. There is TV, accessories, game console accessory. Great gift ideas by Harvey Norman have been on sale with suitable values for everyone. Alternative electronic devices with majority of TV offers may be found on these pages. Teac full HD LED tv is an example for that gift range and its price is only $327. LG smar LED Tv is another good offer priced at $2,089 and when you get this machine you also get Skylanders Battlegrounds (learn details on the catalogue pg; 37.) 100″ LG laser display package is exhibited on pg; 39 with its price; $8,999. You can learn about the technical details of these products on these pages I gave you. Click the images of the catalogue page or cover of the catalogue, or the names of the products to see all details and the appearances of the products.


Gamers will love the pg; $28 which includes the offer of Xbox One and games for thisharvey norman toy sale christmas game console. See online offers of Xbox One and accessories like wireless controller are available but no price has been given on that page. You will see the products of TV, games, home accessory and more on pg; 30-34.
Apple is one of the most popular brand at this store. You may find these products of Apple on the pg; 27 of this new catalogue:
* iMac, $1599
* Macbook Pro, $1349
* MacBook Air, $1249
* Apple USB SuperDrive, $99
See other notebooks of HP, Asus, Sony Vaio and accessories on pg; 23-24. Navigations of TomTom, Navman, car crash cameras of Uniden exhibited on pg; 22. DSLR cameras, digital cameras of Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm can be browsed on pg; 20&21. Electronic watches which would be a good alternative gift range for most of us, on pg; 16&17.
Price for Magellan Echo sports watch is only $146 at Harvey Norman Catalogue.

Harvey Norman Catalogue October 2013 Best Brands and Prices

Summer came and you perhaps will need a air conditioning products but you may be harvey norman catalogue october 2013worried about the prices. This Harvey Norman Catalogue October 2013 provide a solution for you to get some help to find your favourite brand producing that sort of home appliances and electronics which can keep you cold in hot weathers. Fridges, men’s grooming kits, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and more useful devices are collected with best brands and best prices by Harvey Norman online catalogue this week.
You can order them and next day you can get them in your house. Read the cover of the catalogue and get more informations about the delivery explanation of the retailer brand.
We now return to the prices of the some appliances and electronics exhibited on the cover:
* Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg QuickSmart Front Loader Washing Machine, $728
* Philips Super Slim Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, $196
* Sunbeam slow juicer, $198
They might not be wonderful or extraordinary but I can say that you can trust in three brands that I just wrote here because they are world-wide and all of their products are warrantied. harvey norman fridges The confidence at Harvey Norman is not only based on this ideas for sure. When you shop at Harvey Norman in store or online you know that you are shopping on quality, fair values and highly experienced services of this retailer brand well known in Australia.
Mentioned hot weathers, let’s pass to air conditioning items exhibited on pg; 12. Visit the last page to see them:
* Sunair Desk Fan, 23cm, $19
* Vornado Air Circulator, $184
* Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Tower Fan, $599
* Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier, $394
* Rowenta Dehumidifier, 20L, $484
* Omega Altise Portable Air Conditioner, $394
You could think about much simpler need of a regular home. It will be like fridges and kitchen appliances that are preparing you a super juice or mix your fruits when you put them inside them. Fridges and dishwashers are exhibited on pg; 7,8 and 9:
* Hisense 222L Top Mount Fridge, $429
* Samsung 321L Top Mount Fridge, $687
* Westinghouse 510L French Door Fridge, $1,994
* Samsung 607L Side-By-Side Fridge, $1,988
* Fisher & Paykel 14-Place Setting Dishwasher, $644