IGA Catalogue Half Prices valid from 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2019.

IGA Catalogue Half Prices Offer is valid from 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2019. Take a look at their full offer in the catalogue posted below.

First of all, the IGA Weekly Catalogue includes freshly cut meat. As a result, you can buy affordable Australian pork and ham. Also, they sell inexpensive beef steaks, lamb leg, and chicken wings. If you want to buy sausages, hurry up to IGA.

Secondly, they offer fresh fruits and vegetables. You can buy lettuce, cucumber, mangoes, and watermelon. On-sale items include tomatoes, potatoes, beetroot, and spinach.

Thirdly, you can buy breakfast items, deli food, and snacks. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are parts of their weekly offer too. Furthermore, IGA offers bakery items. You can buy different kinds of bread and cookies at a discount. Additionally, they sell spreadable cheese, icing, ice tea, and ice-creams. If you want to buy yogurt or frozen food, pay a visit to IGA.

Finally, they sell quality dog food and cleaning items. You can buy dishwashing liquids, bath tissues, and oral-care products. Likewise, you can save money on liquid and powder laundry detergents. To see other deals similar to this IGA Catalogue Half Prices valid from 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2019., visit this website frequently.


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