IGA Xpress Grocery Sale Catalogue valid from 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2019.

IGA Xpress Grocery Sale Catalogue is valid from 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2019. Here are the items you can buy this week at low prices.

First of all, the IGA Weekly Catalogue brings you freshly cut meat, as well as fresh fruits and veggies. For example, you can buy Australia beef Scotch fillet steaks and fresh mangoes. You can find other cheap fresh produce in IGA stores.

Secondly, the IGA Catalogue is rich in different kinds of groceries. You can buy breakfast items. Save money on coffee, butter, yogurt, and ice-cream. Likewise, they sell soda, crackers, dips, and cereal. Similarly, you can buy mayonnaise, cookies, different kinds of flour, and snacks. Various kinds of chocolate and tea are parts of their weekly offer too.

Thirdly, you can find affordable household items. They sell liquid laundry detergents and paper towels. Also, you can buy shaving foam and toilet tissues.

Finally, IGA sells ½ price Lindt Lindor chocolate gift boxes. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy your Christmas chocolate and gifts.

Therefore, visit your nearest IGA store before December 3rd. To see other catalogues similar to this IGA Xpress Grocery Sale Catalogue valid from 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2019., visit this website.


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