Low Prices Every Day with IGA Catalogue 2 – 8 Oct 2019

New IGA Catalogue brings you hundreds of discounted products. The prices are valid from 2nd to 8th October.

You can buy cheap selected varieties of Cadbury sweets. Also, they have affordable juices and beverages. In addition, you can find quality and inexpensive snacks, including potato chips.

If you need fruits and veggies, hurry up to IGA. The new IGA Weekly Catalogue offers seedless grapes on a discount. Similarly, you can buy lettuce, potatoes, and beetroot. Moreover, they have spinach on a discount.

Most noteworthy, you can buy different kinds of meat at affordable prices. First of all, they have cheap chicken breasts. Secondly, you can find lamp chops and beef patties. In addition, they offer beef steaks and quality ham. Also, they have BBQ sausages at a low price. If you need cheese and other deli products, don’t miss these amazing deals.

Finally, IGA offers all kinds of groceries at low prices. On-sale items include fridge and freezer products. Moreover, you can buy pantry items. In addition, they have dairy products at affordable prices. You can also find home, beauty, and pet products.


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