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Aldi Catalogue Furniture and Home Appliances Offers Special for September

This time Aldi decided to release new range of living room furniture and home Aldi Catalogue Furniture and Home Appliances Offers Special for Septemberappliances on the September Catalogue. You can browse the latest catalogue on this post with reading the review and reaching selected products of the editors. Aldi catalogue has beautiful products for your living room renewal on pg; 2-3 exhibiting sofa, lighting and wall decorative accessory varieties:
* Kirkton House cut velvet cushion, $14.99
These are I think the elementary part of a classy looking living room with a perfect lightning. You can use them as decorative as well as using for comfort.
* Sohl 5 tier ladder shelf, $49.99
Another useful furniture of the living room sale of Aldi catalogue. Its price is absolutely rare to be like this as Aldi exhibits.
* Sempre designer wall clock, $34.99
Don’t miss out these offers because they are limited to stocks and time period. You can purchase them for the given price.


Aldi has this catalogue with a lot of different categories of products. One of them is about bedroom on pg; 4-5 with low price offers of quilts, pillows, pillow cases and the descriptions about modern fashion of decoration of bedrooms:
* Kirkton house embellished quilts, $59.99 for set !
You can renew or change your bedroom quilts for this unique price ! See them on this page.
* Kirkton House towel set 4 pc, $26.99
Perfect softness and highest quality of bathroom towels. Real high quality for this price is very hard to find at stores. Aldi offers a unique value for these.


Visit pg; 6&7 to check out underwear, winter wear and pants for men. Especially young gentlemen can find a good option from this very pages:
* Catullus men’s long sleeve shirt, $12.99
Can be considered to be more official than the casual clothing range of other discounts stores. I would prefer these under a jacket in Spring.
* Light weight jacket, $24.99
It can suit with the shirt we just talked about. No big deal but a nice offer from Aldi’s new catalogue.

Aldi Catalogue August Active Wear Offers 2014

Aldi is again showing its master in retailing very useful and low priced products in various topics. This week they mainly got new price range for active wear but this is not the whole deal for sure. Aldi Special buys week 35 2014 is ofAldi Catalogue August Active Wearfering also coffee Expressi and chocolate varieties on pg; 4-5. This colorful pages get us interested in product ranges of Aldi in a pretty nice way. This review will show you price list of the Crane’s active wear and sports products. You can easily reach the products and their images with the featured prices.
Rich variety impressed me in that section as well. But there is also very beautiful looking garden range with products like watering pots, plants and some natural materials used in gardening business.


Highly recommended and preferred products of Crane are now available at Aldi and you can buy them at lower prices than ever. August month is full of favors for all customers of Aldi:
* Crane boxing tower combo, $169
This is both for punching and lifting. Two basics of daily exercises for those who want to get stronger and keep their fit body.
* Crane boxing bag, 25 kg, $49.99
If you are only interested in boxing bag you are free to have it separately as well. Price is very cool.
* Boxing combo set, $24.99
Combo set is another nice deal for sporting daily. The price compared to others is very low.
* See also ladies’ and men’s Adult compression tops or bottoms. They are also referred as thermal underwear which is preferred in winters or when it rains or is snowy.


As the new season comes up with the new conditions of weather we have to renew and check the situation of our garden. May be for renewing or adding something new to your garden Aldi and most of the discount stores in Australia have new catalogues for new season’s gardening:
* Gardenline active 8 soil, 25 L, $3.99 pg; 14
Many important active soil contained by this. It suits with Standard AS4419.
* Tomato seedlings, 100mm, $1.89 pg; 15
* Aluminium hand tools, $4.99
* Garden gloves assorted, $2.99

Expressi offers are available on pg; 20-21. Taste of coffee with this trustworthy brand is at very low cost that would never harm your budget. Most hard working people around me prefer this Expressi coffees and use the machine of it. Please go to pg; 21 for the price range and I will also list few of them:
* Expressi India/Papua new Guinea coffee capsules, 8 pack, $2.99
* Expressi MACHINE, $89
* Expressi milk frother, $27.99

Aldi Fishing Supplies August Offers 2014

We all know the way Aldi retails and this week new special buys catalogue also offers Aldi Fishing Suppliessome outdoor equipment like fishing supplies or necessary items that you would like to carry with you along all the basics you’ll have for fishing. These products are present on this catalogue just to reach all the customers who are in search and need for high quality and fairly priced products for this business. Very good selection appears on the Pg; 10-100 and they are sale on 23rd August this week. Crane as major brand of this type of products is appearing on the new Aldi Catalogue.
* Auto XS boat cover, $89.99
This is very useful and can be count as one of the essentials.
* Boat winch, $149
* Crane fishing knife set, $19.99
Smoothly handle what you got for tonight. High quality knife set set your comfort while you deal with though conditions.
* Crane boat accessories, $11.99
Full selection for what you need during fishing. Take a look at the nice products on the pg; 11.
* Safety essentials, $7.49
* Bait board, boat rod holder, $39.99
You get to hurry about purchasing these products because they are limited to stocks. You cannot get these products next week but next week will be about more different Aldi Specials.

Aldi Gift Ideas Fathers Day August 2014

Aldi prepared a very nice selection of offers on the last catalogue that has been released Aldi Catalogue Fathers Day August 2014today. Pretty nice looking variety of gift ideas including electronic devices such as clothing options designed for spring, accessories like belt gift set, products that can be entitled as “entertainment products” are available as special buys in this week.
Remember that these products will be available only for the dates given and also these will be limited to stocks of Aldi. Visit stores to catch these beautiful products and deals.


Products of electronic devices like navigations, tablet pc or grooming gifts are really popular. Especially high quality grooming sets are preferable to many products. However, it would be very classical choice and if you want to make a difference with a special gift you can go to page; 8-9. There are entertainment products including pool table and a desktop PC which would be very SUITABLE FOR VIDEO GAMES or if you have a hard working dad you can present him a glass cabinet to keep his prizes.
* Sohl Glass Cabinet, $99.99
Perfect for creating a nice space and view in your living room or may be in hall.
* Medion Akoya multimedia PC, AMD processor, 3.10 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, 2 TB HDD and PERFECT FOR GAMES.
Amd is more favored when you consider video games. You can prefer this PC rather than a laptop.
* Crane Rod and reel combo, $69.99
Another high quality and beloved product by fathers. Fishing Rod would be entitled as an essential for a father.
* You can find a lot more fishing accessories and equipments on pg; 10-11.
Also visit pg; 12-13 for power tools like saw, breaker, cable puller, and accessories needed for decent things at work.