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Aldi Christmas Chocolates and Home Sale Catalogue

Aldi Christmas chocolates and other preparations have begun with this catalogue. Firstly Aldi Christmas Chocolatesyou can check out the catalogue page for the new home sale product range. Lumina’s 3-in-1 slow cooker is one of the great products on pg; 4-5. Another example deal is microvawe with grill of Stirling. We can browse many more than these product ranges.
Let’s pass to Christmas products like the ones exhibited on pg; 11. Generally Aldi Christmas range focused on the chocolate products of chocolate brands and similar type of brands. The Cake Stall brandy baskets or snaps of 125 g priced at $3.79 are exhibited on the same page. You will only pay $0.77 per 100g of Danish Butter biscuit tin. Its 454g is priced at $3.49 at Aldi. Great chocolates of Stollen bites, marpizan stollen and Casa Barelli Panettone are available on the same page.
* Celebre Pfeffernusse, 200g, $1.29
* Celebre Glazed Lebkuchen, 400g, $3.99
* Celebre milk or Dark chocolate herzen lebkuchen, 300g, $3.99
* Celebre Spiced spekulatius bag, 600g, $3.99
* Dairy Fine chocolate covered almonds or fruit & nut mix, $5.99
* Moser roth finest chocolate truffles, 146g, $3.99
aldi home furnituresChoceur Belgian seashells priced at $3.99. Pg; 13 will exhibit nuts in shell and Choceur Rum & capuccino balls priced $2.49. These German cookies are specially priced and they are produced with molasses and spices. Lebkuchen cookies are now available at Aldi for you to create great Christmas preparations at your home.
* Dairy Fine chocolate Santa, 150g, $0.99
* Choceur Advent calendars, 75g, $1.39
* Dominion naturals candy canes, $0.99
* Sweet sensations soft fruit jellies gift box, $2.49
* Dominion naturals Christmas stocking 33pk/201g, $1.99
Next pages of this Aldi catalogue includes chemical cleaners and food products. From personal care to bathroom essentials you can find a good product range on pg; 15.
Starting on pg; 16 living room accessories and furnitures are another great product ranges of Aldi.
* Premium entertainment unit
* Large storage cube shelf
* Newington rug
And more products are on pg; 16.

Aldi Catalogue Red Hot Specials

We love to see new recipes and deals of the red hot specials by Aldi special buys. Here is aldi cataloguethe new Aldi Catalogue Red Hot Specials on pg; 23 with low prices of chicken and fresh animal products. Before seeing pg; 23 you might want to look at the pg; 22 with Brannans butchery “just grill” products with seasonal options. From this sale delicious varieties of meat meals are waiting for you. Tasty BBQ marinated pork rashers at Aldi is priced at $14.99, Brannas butchery pork scotch fillet steaks with Carolina bbq rub of 400g is another just-grill product sale for $6.99. In order to see two more deals on the same range check out the catalogue page.
Lactose free milk products are among the products of lowered prices this week. The current price for three products of Liddells lactose free yoghurt and cheese products are at the same rate of $3.99 for each. They are all Australian grown products.
Aldi butchery and grocery department’s sale policy seem like they love to exhibit Australian grown natural products to the online customers. We all know it is the best:
* Brannans Butchery Mediterranean Flat Iron Steak, $16.99
* Brannans Butchery Thai Turkey Sausages 500g, $3.99
* Brannans Butchery Buffalo Marinated Chicken Wings 1kg , $5.99
* Hans big dogs, 1 kg, $6.99
* Barossa sliced gypsy ham, 100g, $2.99
* Happy cow cheese spread, $1.99
* Fresh apporach fresh spice, $2.69
* Castello white cheese, 300g, $5.89

Announce for Woolworths Catalogues

Woolworths Catalogues will be shared with you on another website called woolworths-catalogue.net. You can get all services from this blog-fan website. All products and reviews of the products of the latest catalogue has been posted on this website.
It is a similar website like discountstoresau.com and you can visit to browse last Woolworths online catalogue which has the product range from food range to home products.

Muller Light LED and Electrical Products by Aldi Catalogue

muller lightAfter you browse the Work Zone tools and accessories, next page (pg; 17) has a nice electrical range for us. Bulbs, and LED lights are available on this page. Ones of the Muller Light LED are priced at reduced values. From 1055 Lumens to 220 Lumens LED bulbs are assorted. Led Spot lights with 25.000 hrs lifetime and white colour is priced at $8.99 ea. Other than this deal; Led Mini bulbs or LED candle of Muller Light price is only $8.99. The price of LED Bulbs with 35,000 life hours is only $11.99 for each. 470, 810 and 1055 Lumens are available on the page. LED tube light 10W/18W/22W varities are suitable in 850, 1700 and 2000 lumens respectively.
Other products on this page:
* Dyname LED torch, $5.99
* LED night light, $4.99 ea


This week the price of Expressi coffee machine is $79. The price of Expressi has been reduced to this price which is special for this week. Milk Frother is $28.99 at Aldi from the catalogue of Special Buys Week 40. Expressi Forthi 1L a mixture of cream milk for frothing can be purchased for $1.79 this week. Take a look at the catalogue page for more deals on pg; 19.
Note: Aldi announced liquor sale as online is available now. You can visit the page given on the pg; 20 and use this online sale by Aldi.