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Medion Smartphone on Aldi Catalogue Week 28

medion smartphoneMedion Smartphone within Aldi electronics selection can be good alternative for you to have a useful mobile phone to make connections and store your informations or files. It has Android system and latest technology with its 5.0 MP camera. The camera is integrated, all this system is run by 1 GHz dual core processor. That kind of processor was used in PCs in 90s and even early 2000s.
Medion guaranteed that this product will work without any problem at least 1 YEAR. Also you can return it within 60 day if you won’t satisfy.

– 4 GB memory
– Micro SD Slot
– Dual Sim are other properties of Medion Smartphone.

Dual Sim which is ideal for the ones using mobile phones for business. Special price of Aldi is available for this week. Check out more electronics on these pages.

Some examples of Aldi electronics sale are given on the post of the entire catalogue. You can visit that post’s page and see all products for week 29. Also see very good collection of Aldi liquor range with reduced prices on the latest pages of the digital catalogue.

Other good ranges of Aldi this week are nursery and baby items. Their prices are reduced and new items are added to the range of Aldi in second week of July.

Aldi Nursery Catalogue 2013 Offers in July First Week

Aldi Nursery Catalogue 2013Entire range of this catalogue gives us a huge range with baby and nursery products and clothing selection for every age. Aldi Nursery Catalogue 2013 sale has quality producers like Serra, Lacura, Di-San and more quality brands. Hot offers of nursery items includes bedroom accessories and booster seats, too.

After this sale, you can browse electronic home entertainments section of the catalogue including LCD TV and Bauhn DVd micro system. All with Warranty. Generally portable DVD players and similar products can be found on the range. Also check out the DVD selection of Aldi. Enjoy DVD collection and these high quality electronics.


* Baby Singlet Suit, $3.99 ea
* Baby Singlet 3pk, $3.99 pk
* Baby Popover Bibs 3pk, $5.99
* Baby socks, 4pk, $2.99
* Baby Yarn 4ply 50g, $0.99 ea

* Maternity Feeding Shawl, $9.99 ea
* Maternity Feeding Top, $9.99 ea
* Maternity Belly Band, $5.99 ea

Lily&Dan; (shoes)
* Children’s Pre-walkers, $6.99 pr

These products are all quality tested offers and you can be sure about their safety. Essential nursery products of Aldi are available on pg; 4. And you can see bedroom accessories for kids, on pg; 5.

Booster Seat price of Aldi, on pg; 6.


Mamia produces every group of these products. They are available on pg; 7 :

* Walker Napper Jumbo Box, 78pk, $17.99 ea
* Crawler Nappy Jumbo Box, 100pk,$17.99 ea
* Toddler Nappy Jumbo Box, 84pk, $17.99 ea
* Newborn, 132 pk, $17.99 ea
* Infant nappy, 111pk, $17..99 ea
* Junior Nappy, 72pk, $17.99 ea
* Mamia first pants, Large bag, 38pk, $17.99 ea
* First pants, xlarge, 34pk, $17.99 ea

Fresh food, one of the greatest section of Aldi. You need to see in store. Also check out pg; 9.


Everyweek electronic entertainments and home accessories of these are not available or not reduced. This is a big chance to save much money on this sale. Medion LCD television and Subwoofer are just some of these great electronics. Let’s take a look at the values of these:

* Medion 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, $99.99 ea
* 31.5″ Full HD TV, $249 ea
* Low profile wall mount, $29.99 ea
* HDMI Cable 2m, $6.99 ea
* Micro DVD System, $49.99 ea
* Twin HD Tuner, $199 ea
* Navigation System, $59.99 ea

Within entertainment range these are not the entire range of Aldi. Check out also DVD collection.


aldi electronic
* Action, comedy, kids, old ones, (Lawrance of Arabia, The Graduate, Simpsons the Movie) are for $6
* Other genre are also available on this sale.

Aldi liquors are;
– Magners, Hopper Whitman and nice Wine varieties are available.

The catalogue also got red hot special on the latest pages. You can see all prices of these and more detailed informations clicking the catalogue.
Offers are valid in 10 Jul and 13 Jul.

Switch & Save at Aldi and Silvesters Classic Cat Food !


Silvesters classic cat food
Switch and Save includes a different product range this week, apple pies and olive spread are offers and priced at lowered values. You need to check out confectionery items here, too.

On switch and save range of Aldi, see Silvesters Classic Cat Food and see savings at least $2.00. Some of the prices of these products:

* Silvesters Classic Cat Food, 400g, $0.69 ea
* Sunnyvale Light or Classic Olive Spread, 500g, $2.29 ea.


Snacks are vital parts of our life and you need to see these low prices of Aldi to get highest quality for the most suitable and fair prices. Also see pasta and sauces, loaf and bread of Aldi’s this product range.

* Casa Barelli Garlice Bread or Herb Loaf, 470g, $2.99 ea
* Fresh Approach Beef Lasagne, 1.3kg, $9.99 ea
* Piatti Fresh Pasta, 425g, $3.49 ea
* Casa Barelli Pasta, 500g, $0.79 ea.
* Remano Passata, 700g, $1.49 ea
* Remano Diced Tomatoes, 400g, $0.79
* Remano Italian Tomatoes, 400g, $0.59 ea

Sohl Occasional Table from Aldi Catalogue Home Accessories Catalogue 2013

sohl occasional tableAldi Catalogue July mainly includes home, bathroom and living room accessories and their prices and views indicate a real quality for affordable prices. Complementary selection by Aldi make you use these decor products in the most appropriate way and their look will be able to add some significant value to your house. This is the point here on Aldi’s home accessories range. This catalogue includes Sohl Occasional Table for and its price but also you can browse more clicking the image of the pg; 8.

What Aldi got on this living room accessories range:

* Sohl Occasional Table; $39.99
MDF and modern-classic type of design with painted finish. 80(W)x30(D)x76(H)cm. Sensitive difference in any living room ; 1 YEAR WARRANTY

* 2-Door Cabinet, solid wood, $59.99 ea
* Deluxe Crystal Pendant Light, $79.99 ea
* Kirkton House Jute Decorator Mat, $19.99 ea
* Kirkton House Eyelet Curtain, 2pk, $49.99

Aldi is 5 star supermarket now. You should use this quality retailer and see the difference of the prices.