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Big W Catalogue October – Entertain Huge DVD Ranges and Electronics

The quote of Big W “Everyone’s winner with Au’s lowest prices” is so true with this catalogue which is introducing general products.
Even though we can see some practical summer products on the cover this catalogue in fact is targeting general needs range.
You can also see it when you go forwarding pages.
After this summer part sport products such as bicycles and hot shot tennis racquets have been placed on the catalogue.
There is a large sport product range and prices don’t look like very expensive. They even are very low with that kind of quality.

We are seeing a tramboline with a 8ft jump space which can be so fun for the whole family of friends at your gardens.
Summer products is continuing with the pools which is 457cm x 91cm metal frame with around 12 thousand liter capacity.
Exact summer need for the hot days and families who want to get some cool and fun.
Similar products are on that page for summer days.

Passing this section we come across the dolls page.
It is a kind of a toy sale but special products including monsters and wihches can be found here.
Besides electronic products such as alphabet laptos of vtech which would be education and fun for kids.
Remote control hover assault vehicle of Air Hogs and jump track of micro charges are some of these toys and dolls, the products for kids on Big W catalogue.
Camping wares and tools are the next topic of the catalogue for whom may be interested in wild life or scouting in forrests.

Portable Stove, sleeping bag and portable chairs are some of these camping products which can be so useful when you have difficulty with some problems during camping.
You may like so much the 4 person tent, which has a powerful outside structure and easy usage.
Discounts are going on at Big W stores and catalogue, we can see another offer including chairs and umbrellas.
Other summer products are also original products like burner and bbq.

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Target Catalogue October – See Target Clothings and Campaigns

Target Catalogue October – Campaigns in Clothings 

Offers of Target’s new catalogue starts with the unique and beautiful homewares and bedroom products such as pillowcases and quilt cover sets.
Egyptian Luxury Plain Dyed Towel Range is one of these products on the cover you can see this week.
Beautiful mugs and glasswares will go with your kitchen furnitures and you can create a new dinner set designing it with these products.
Beside these as homeware decoration product you will find very good lookin artificial plants and lanterns which are discounted.
Candles, photo frames, single door cabinets, storage units and tier shelves will be your favorite ones in homewares.
Especially Loft Birdseye hook has many comments in its favor on this catalague.
If you shop from a furniture store for your home decoration you may not find these kind of quality with these prices but Target have created a very good class catalogue for your decoration this week.
Each kind of room of your home will have very useful and smart furnitures and wares if you browse this catalogue before shopping.
This catalogue can be star of all this year.
It is impossible to miss kitchen wares such as capsule machine and sewing machine.
Their qualities surprise me with their prices and in fact which my favorite one is the toaster.
In intensive working life my breakfasts can be prepared easily with this toasters I could find the Bellini Retro Toaster with very suitable price.
Target’s prices have always been suitable for many consumers by the way.
Another head is Hot Shoe Sale on the catalogue and there are available many shoes in take off on the interval of 20-40%.
For every age you can browse sandals, sports, men and women shoes. They are very colorful.
At the end of the catalogue the underwear women is available as is on many catalogues.
High quality underwearing in Target catalogue is again here and 40% take off in sleepwear and footwear will be waiting for you.
Browse the catalogue and do not miss them.

Kmart Catalogue October First Week

Kmart Catalogue - The Big Book of Christmas Summer

Kmart Catalogue October – The Big Book of Christmas Summer

On the cover of the catalogue of Kmart there are kitchen wares and some homewares this week.
You can see lipsticks, lacquers and Revlon moisturizers and many cosmetics on the forwarding page.
So that the main theme of this week is generally personal care products and health products with cosmetics and homewares.

For women underwears, pijamas and summer dresses are appearing with their well prices.
For men, even there are not as many kinds as in women clothing there are sport wears which may be interesting for you.



Beside this pet care products such as adult dog food of Sure Pet are available on the forwarding pages.
The pages which introduces the practical storage containers of Homemker have been presented on the catalogue.

In addition if you are interested in electronics you can follow some products of brands on the later pages of catalogue.
Finally, for your children, safe 3 station swing set is available at the end of the catalogue.

Take a look at them.

Target Stores – Essentials for Clothings and Accessories Best Store !

The Biggest Discount Store of Australia ; Target Stores !

Target, the discount store with suitable prices and large product range, is visited all the time.
If we have several words about Target, we can define it as a discount store with 172 store in 119 country.
Target is a shoppin center having a product range being enlarged day by day with cosmetics, toys, clothing, homewares, electronics.

A sub store “Baby Target” is available for babies and children needs all over the world and online zones.
These store generally is placed at the lowest floor of the Targets.

We are trying to present and discuss these products and show you the catalogues which include the newest and high quality products with campaigns and offers from Target.

Now, you can decide what to buy precisely browsing these catalogues and discovering the campaigns and offers.

Have a good shopping 🙂 !