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Both catalogues of discount stores and retail companies are available here. You can compare the prices, follow new campaigns and take the advantages of reduced prices.


Chemist Warehouse Wellness Catalogue October 2019

The new Chemist Warehouse Wellness Catalogue is now published! Here’s what you can buy at low prices.

chemist warehouse wellness catalogue october 2019

Chemist Warehouse Wellness Weekly Catalogue is rich in healthy skin products. First of all, you can buy discounted skin moisturizers. Secondly, they have cleansers and toners. Also, they sell affordable mattifying products. Moreover, you can buy items for dry and itchy skin. In addition, you can save money on make-up removers and micellar water. They offer products by famous brands at low prices. If you are looking for chemical-free items, hurry up to Chemist Warehouse Wellness. They have just what you need.

In addition, they offer quality hair products. First of all, you can buy serums and masks. Secondly, they have quality shampoos and conditioners. Similarly, you can find sun care items. Finally, on-sale products include face and body sun lotions, sprays, and creams.

Also, you can buy make-up. For example, they have quality eye shadow palettes at a discount. In addition, you can find mascara, lipsticks, and other beauty products. Health essentials and vitamins are discounted too.

Finally, they offer famous scents and perfumes at a discount. As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars on these products. Therefore, hurry up and buy your favorite items before the discounts expire!

Buy More and Spend Less with Good Guys Catalogue 10 – 16 Oct 2019

Good Guys Catalogue brings you computer, TV, and smartphone discounts. The prices are valid until October 16th.

good guys catalogue 10 16 oct 2019

Good Guys Weekly Catalogue is rich in electronics and smart devices. First of all, you can buy discounted LCD TVs. Secondly, they have affordable washing machines. Also, you can find inexpensive fridges and dishwashers. If you are looking for coffee machines, DVD players, and Blu-Ray players, hurry up to Good Guys.

Moreover, they have quality soundbars at a discount. On-sale items include smartphones, including iPhones. In addition, you can save money on Galaxy devices. Also, they sell laptops and notebooks at affordable prices. You can also find all-in-one processors at a discount.

Good Guys offers flat and curved monitors. You can also find smartwatches and smart bracelets. In addition, they have headphones and speakers. Most noteworthy, they have quality security systems, including CCTV cameras.

Finally, you can buy regular and allergy vacuum cleaners. On-sale items include top load washers, juicers and food processors, as well as stand mixers. You can also buy microwave, toasters, and kettles. Also, they sell quality ovens, cooktops, and upright cookers. You can buy BBQ sets and smart clocks too.

Tyre Sale with Bob Jane Catalogue October 2019

Bob Jane Catalogue for October is now active. Check their full offer below.

bob jane catalogue october 2019

Bob Jane Catalogue offers low tyre prices. You can buy Radar, Hankook, Michelin, and Bridgestone tyres at a discount. Moreover, they have van tyres and tyres with silica. Most noteworthy, they offer fitting of the tyres, as well as balance at the offered price. In addition, you will get free GST and tyre disposal. Their items have tubeless valves.

Similarly, you can buy wheels. Bob Jane claims to have unbeatable wheel deals. We recommend you to visit them and see it yourself. They have different models, at different prices. You can buy wheels on a budget. In addition, the wheels are available in three finishes. Those are black satin, black machined lip, and silver machined lip.

If you are looking for both wheels and tyres, hurry up to Bob Jane. Namely, they have a special offer. When you buy 4 pieces of wheels and 4 tyres, you get an additional discount. They also have a tough 4×4 wheel offer.

Bob Jane offers Australia’s largest range of wheel brands and styles. Therefore, don’t miss these amazing opportunities. All discounts are valid until October 31st.

Pharmacy Sale with New Priceline Catalogue 3 – 16 Oct 2019

Priceline Catalogue is now published and is active until October 16th. Here are the pharmacy items you can save money on this week.

priceline catalogue 3 16 oct 2019

Priceline Weekly Catalogue is rich in allergy medicines. In addition, you can save money on painkillers. Moreover, they sell discounted flu drugs. You can also buy ache and pain medicines. They have a special offer on vitamins and supplements. Namely, you pay ½ price on Blackmores selected products. Those include vitamin C and probiotics. In addition, they offer a 30% discount on Brauer baby products. You can buy cheap liquid zinc and multivitamins.

Similarly, Priceline offers affordable Murine and Swiss items. You can also buy the immune system boosters. Most noteworthy, they offer free health checks. Visit their official website for more information.

If you are looking for personal hygiene products, visit Priceline. They offer discounted incontinence pads. In addition, you can buy nicotine quitting items and fiber boosters. On-sale items include joint pain relief products.

Finally, they have products for women over 40. Those are the menopause preparatory and symptom relief items. You can also buy Alpecin for your hair loss. All discounts are valid until October 16th.