Woolworths Fresh Food – Reduced Items on Grocery Starts at 15th May

Browse Woolworths Fresh Food campaigns and save high values in Woolworths stores this week.woolworths-15th-may Until 15th May you can avail these products which are the best fresh food selections of Australia. Enlarged meat and confectionery product list can be count another advantage of this catalogue.
1/2 Priced ones consisting of Pantene shampoo, and confectionery brands are available.

* Campbell’s Country Ladle Soup $1.64 ea.
* Shortcut Bacon Rasher – From the Dell Department $7.99
* Continental Pasta&Sauce or Rice Varieties $1.00 ea.
* Arnott’s Family $2.20 ea.
* Pantene Shampoo $3.94 ea.

These offers are available at 15th May – 21st May. Don’t miss out the deals of Woolworths. For Coffee and drink packs there are wonderful prices. Nice choices are available as well as fresh grocery has.

* Fanta 1 pack $18.00 saving $7.89
* Coca Cola Can varieties 2 for (Coca Cola zero) $33.00
* Redbull Enery drink $15.00 ea you will save $4.99
* Coca Cola soft drink varieties 1.25 Lt any 4 for $8.00
* Tru Blu 2.25 Litre of Waterfoods 1/2 priced save 1.00
* Pepsi varieties 2 lt $4.00 ea.
* Pepsi Can Varieties available at store $13.00

Huge breakfast sale of Woolworths Fresh Food with great brands;

* Uncle Tobys’ Plus Antioxidant – Nestle Milo Cereal – Cheerlos Le Snak Value Pack – Kellog’s Special K – Sultana Bran – Chrunchy Nut – Nutri-Grain $5.00 ea.

* Woolworths Select Canned Fruit with 1/2 price $1.50 (peach)
* Cottee’s Fruit Squeeze $3.00 as delicious as ones from fresh grocery.

Special techniques are applied to keep these frozen or canned foods healthy.
Woolworths is a rare way to shop if you want to get real healthy food in Australia. Digital catalogues of this supermarket for grocery can be very good help for you to decide shopping choices. Browse for more informations about the Woolworths Online campaigns and deals here.

Notice that this catalogue offers are valid until 21st May 2013. Be with healthy grocery.


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