Woolworths Fresh Produce Catalogue valid from 6 – 12 Nov 2019.

Woolworths Fresh Produce Catalogue is valid from 6 – 12 Nov 2019. Take a look at their full offer below.

Firstly, the new Woolworths Weekly Catalogue is rich in fresh fruits and veggies. As a result, you can buy cheap Aussie sweet corn and asparagus. Likewise, they offer blueberries at a reasonable price. If you want to buy apples, tomatoes or cucumbers, visit Woolworths.

Secondly, the Woolworths Catalogue brings you lots of different kinds of discounted meat. For example, they offer Australian grown lamb chops and beef T-bone steak. Similarly, you can save money on chicken breasts and beef mince. Also, you can buy affordable Barramundi, seafood mix, lobster tails or scallops.

Thirdly, you can fill your pantry and fridge on a budget. Namely, they offer pasta, rice, pesto, and different kinds of sauces. On-sale items include butter, juices, yogurt, and cheese. In the same vein, you can buy frozen vegetables and ready-made meals. If you are looking for snacks and sweets, pay a visit to Woolworths.

Finally, go to Woolworths if you are looking for Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts. They have classic d├ęcor, tabletops, gift wraps, and other holiday items.

To see other offers similar to this Woolworths Fresh Produce Catalogue valid from 6 – 12 Nov 2019., visit this site.


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