Woolworths Meat and Fresh Food Special Offers May Campaign

Woolworths prepared bunch of nice fresh food and Woolworths Meat products for you. If you need to see real Australian Grown fresh food you should visit this catalogue. From onions to Cooked king prawns we got plenty of delicious fresh grocery range here.Woolworths Catalogue 21 May Page 1
Prices are nice and availability is very easy with Woolworths guarantee and quality.

The first appearing offers of Woolworths Meat and Fresh food;

* Australian Lamb Leg Roast $7.99 kg.
* Australian Porterhouse steak with the highest quality. $12.99 kg
* Australian Chicken Thigh Fillets (Deli) $7.99
* Large Aussie King Prawns $22.97 kg
* Australian Hass Avacados 2 for $4
* Australian Pink Lady Apples $3.18 kg.
* Australian Crimson Seedless Grapes $2.98 kg
* Aussie made brown onions 2kg pack $2.46
* Brocoli $2.25
* Aussie Green Zucchinis can be purchased for only $1.98 in store this week.

You can try shopping at Woolworths online shop at official website of the supermarket. However, seeing catalogue and the prices would be very helpful to you.Woolworths Catalogue 21 May Page 2

Confectionery and grocery items like chocolate of Nestle and more deals are available.

Notice that importance of the fresh grocery in Woolworths stores is based on the Australian grown principle. Almost all items are indicated with this expression near the brands of them. However, shopping for fresh grocery can’t be complete via online stores. For this reason it would be very nice to visit the Woolworths stores and see fresh food department. Customers’ real concern is focused on the health issues rather than taste, so is Woolworths’ concern.

The best way to follow digital offers or track the campaigns is following Woolworths online catalogues. This is so easy here and you can always find all the catalogues of the months visiting this website.


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